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Sometimes, when you can’t find the words to describe something, this may simply be due to the fact that no-such-word exists.
Instead of endlessly searching, I find it easier to define my own words and/or language. My Dutch/English is suspect as it is, so a lexicon might be a good idea anyway.
The following, ever growing, list will contain all words and phrases I have personalized over the years. Please keep in mind that one of my ‘artforms’ is actually writing and publishing OneWordPoetry. there has yet a language to be invented that can contain me! <INSERT diabolical laughter>.

  • Law of One: The concept is simple: “going once, going twice”. You proof something can be done, by doing it, and as such may assume it can be done again and again.
    The law has its roots in a kind of youthful rebellious thinking.
    A parent proclaims ‘nobody ever dyes their hair blue’. Kid dyes its hair, parent is proven wrong, but more importantly, it is proven parents are not always right.
    An oversimplification, but for me it works (QED ;-). Leaving nothing to proof but the proof itself.
  • OneWordPoetry: Poetry consisting of just one word (a series of glyphs without whitespace). The word itself, its glyphs and/or it’s context, has been modified in such a way as to no longer fit it’s traditional meaning. The word OneWordPoetry is a simple example of such a modified word.
    OneWordPoetry is proprietary (owned by me) but will be licensed under a Creative Commons license (once I get around to it). Several OneWordPoems have already been published (mainly on t-shirts and other on-demand stuff).
    Eventually an overview will be added to this site, with it’s own section. Just give it time.
  • to be continued…